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How to Select All to the right of cursor?

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  • How to Select All to the right of cursor?

    In Edius 3 I used to be able to select all content to the right of the cursor in all tracks. I can't seem to do this in Version 4. Is there a way?
    Cory Bretz
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    in order to do what?

    if you wish to move all clips, hold shift+alt while dragging the clip you wish to move, all clips will move and stay in sync
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      If you select a track and then do CTRL+A all clips on that selected track will be selected.


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        Since version 4.13 you can use again SHIFT + Pos1 or Shift + Home.
        It depends on your cursor position.


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          Originally posted by GrassValley_UP
          SHIFT + Pos1
          What does this mean? What is Pos1?

          I understand it's a key combination, but which one?




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            Hi !

            I think "Pos1"-key is german keyboard layout and "Home" is the same key on engl. layout.
            So you have to use "shift + home" with egl. keyboard layout.


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              Doh! Thanks!


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                Shift + Home = all clips from selected clip to the beginning of the timeline
                Shift + End = all clips from selected clip to the end of the timeline


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                  Hi Cory,

                  The answers in this thread here are correct, but I might just add a note that you need to check which version of EDIUS v4 you have, because this ability got left out in some of the earlier versions.

                  As GV_UP said, it was re-added to EDIUS from v4.13 onward. So if you get the latest free updated (v4.24) you can use this shortcut again.