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Very weird edius crash

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  • Very weird edius crash

    Never had a problem and today suddenly Edius 5.51 crashed 3 times in a row after I imported dslr 1080p files from a canon 550d

    Right after the import above text appears and the blue line which you see about halfway starts scrolling the screen in a loop for about 20 seconds and then edius crashes. It says that cseavchd.dll has caused the crash, anyone familiar with this?

    My machine is a I7 950, nvidia gtx460 2gb, 12gb memory, win 7 pro 64 and it's a fresh installed system. I have edited another project 2 days ago with dslr files as well without a problem. The only thing that has changed since then was when I started tmpgenc because it needed to connect to the internet to check on the serialnr (my edit station is not connected)
    When I connected to continue using tmpgenc windows update also downloaded and installed that malicious software removal tool (I forgot to disable automatic updates. Could that be the cause?

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    Don't think so but if you are also running security essentials disable it during you edit session.

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      It is likely not the Malicious Software Removal Tool.

      It looks like either some kind of conflict or a hardware issue.

      Have you run a memory test with something like Memtest86+?


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        Thx for the info, I don't have security essentials installed, only editing software. will try Memtest86+.

        After the third crash I imported into premiere pro cs5 and that went ok, after that I managed to replicate the problem 2 more times in Edius and the 3rd time I didn't get any problem anymore. Will see how that memtest goes, Maybe using the MemOK! button on my motherboard (asus p6x58d-e) could also help?


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          tried memtest but gave no errors, I did only let it run for over an hour (1pass) so not sure if that is sufficient.
          At this moment I am converting my dslr footage into canopus hq using the same project that gave me those errors before and so far (knock on wood) it's running as it should.
          It got me worried a bit, can't call that normal behaviour for a new pc, I think I will be doing some more test with edius and premiere cs5 just to see if the problem is Edius related or not.


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            Sorry, I should have mentioned - generally you want Memtest86+ to complete at least 2 passes.

            If your memory tests OK in Memtest86+ at least you can rule out bad/incompatible memory.


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              Now memtest ran for a few hours and completed 2 passes without an error, might it also be cause by an outdated driver?


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                Okay, RAM isn't the issue. By chance you aren't using an Avisynth source, are you?


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                  No avisynth source, the program is also not on my pc. The files are native dslr files 1080p (.mov) at about 45mbs. Strange thing is that I'm not able to replicate the error. I also managed to finish the project which had this problem during import without any issue, will just wait and see if it happens again in the future. Guess my pc just had a bad day :)


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                    Been some time but I finally figured out what was crashing my Edius, it appeared a cf card that I used for my dslr had also been used on a GE DV1 full hd pocket cam. I got the same crash about a week later and when I looked at the contents of the card I saw those 4 other files that were also included in the import. As soon as I excluded them and only imported the dslr footage all was fine but as soon as I selected them Edius would crash. Guess must be some kind of exotic codec used that Edius has a hard time dealing with?