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    Originally posted by GrassValley_MD
    Anton... We are aware of the TM problem and they are working on it. Do not try to hijack another thread please.

    sorry, I will start a new thread about TM Pro and many other items, one by one
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      Originally posted by GrassValley_MD
      If you are slip trim you don't place the mouse on tghe clip... you drag it up in the overlay window area.

      I will have to try and get a tutorial out on this because it is WAY hard if you try to use the colored ends on the clips. :)

      I would think that a tutorial on trim mode would be very useful.
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        I agree with all those who want the old slip edit method back (it was hold down ALT and drag the clip, by the way).

        I'd also like the video/audio split edit back (SHIFT + trim) please! Coloured clip ends don't do anything for me.

        Other people have made these points when discussing desired features for 4.5, but they were ignored.

        If someone in GV is worried that these are non-standard and might confuse Avid editors or something, they can be IN ADDITION TO the new Edius methods, or as a user-selectable option!

        Please listen to your users!
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          I am sure I will antagonize some, but please don't think that just because something is requested by a few people here and it is not implemented in some update, that all is being ignored. I can tell you for a fact that these requests are looked at and taken seriously. There are many reasons that something may or may not be added or changed. It may be a time issue, it may be an encoding issue, it may be that it does not fit into the future direction of the NLE, etc.

          Also it is an easy trap to fall into when we think that what is said on these forums indicates what the majority of users want. I am continually amazed when I travel around the country at how many Edius users know nothing about these forums.

          So by all means, please keep submitting feature requests but don't think that you are being ignored if it is not implemented.


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            Originally posted by pjsssss
            So by all means, please keep submitting feature requests but don't think that you are being ignored if it is not implemented.
            I fully agree that not every request can or should be implemented. But this request is not really about a new feature, it refers to the trimming functions that were present in EDIUS for several years and were taken out in version 4.0... with no evident reason (I don't think they interfere with the new trim mode).

            Since trimming is one of the most used functions and really at the heart of an NLE, the loss of these shortcut functions has a huge impact on the working procedure of many of us.


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              One thing you could do (a workaround again) is to assign a
              key to slip trim (you dont have to be in the trim-mod). Now
              your clip has this ugly green/yellow lines outside. With "," and
              "." you can slip frame by frame and with "shift"+"," and "shift"
              +"." you can slip 10 frames.

              I liked the old way better, but it works for me. See what the
              future might bring.
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