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    my project (Edius 6.01) can't make offlineclips online. Even when i show the exact locatation of the clip (which was not changed). The Dialogs "open" button is deactivated. What's wrong?

    Cheers, Denis

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    - If the location and the name of your clips has not changed, Edius should not handle them as offline.
    - Are you using a watch-folder?
    - Are you using the Restore offline clips dialog as shown in the documentation on page 336?
    Can you show the dialog-screen that behaves strange on your system?
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      Yes like on page 336. Filenames and location have not been changed.

      Here is the screenshoot of the deactivated open button. Like you see the missing clip is choosen and even "link only files that perfectly match" is deactivated.
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        "watch folder" - I don't know what this is. I think: no, I don't use


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          I tryed to create a new project and the import of the mov (h264/canon) files failure. I can't import any mov file.

          Reinstalled quicktime, but no result.

          Any idea?


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            in the old project:
            try it with the >restore tool< on the menue part (Menüleiste) >> above from the Player/Recorder windows

            was this a old 5.5 project, now opened in 6.01??
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