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    Best case scenario, it is a very serious error to put quote marks on something and claim someone said it. Worst case, it is lying. Please delete it because it is NOT what I said.

    How funny that no consideration is given to the ones that suffered in silence when this box was checked. these arguments make me laugh as well as make me cry. LOL

    Instead of arguing this point, I wish you would take a few seconds to actually go READ what I have written. Let me go find my exact quote since you won't take the time to. OK, here it is:

    "Some background on this...The checked export box has been a HUGE problem for Broadcast. This has all been explained before. When this was discussed at the beginning of Edius 6, we asked for (in order)
    1. A switch to set a preset that would remember your choice
    2. Remember last setting used
    3. Have it unchecked

    The engineers said it would be a problem for the first 2, so it ended up being #3. Once again, I am totally for a choice to have it either way. Unfortunately it seems too many people don't care about it in the other direction.

    This is ridiculous to be so short sighted. And I am so tired of explaining it and then having my position be misquote/misconstrued. It is the people that only worry about their own work flow that I have a problem with.


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      Originally posted by SoundFreak
      Sounds like a quote from S. Jobs, funny, but not funny.

      Clearly the winds have changed, choices are made and / or taken away.
      As much as I agree with Zvit, it's better to let this one (and other issues) go, it is clear that user input is not valued anymore like those days, now big brother is making the decision, and support is telling us it's alright, you'll get used to it soon ..............................
      5.51 is still sort of doing what most of us want, let's see what the future brings.
      Maybe at version v7 or 8 the captain behind the wheel has been replaced, long live the captain.
      I totally disagree Tony. The same people are making the decisions that always were. It would not be good business for a company to design something for the minority of users. I can say for a FACT that user input is getting through now more than at any other time. But there are going to be some things we want that do not get implemented for whatever reason. Believe me, I have a long list that has yet to be implemented. And some do not make sense to me.


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        I have gotten word back from Japan. It was not classified as a bug.
        But the great thing is that functionality will be added so that the blue markers will snap when doing a normal drag. Until then use the method described earlier in the thread if it fits your workflow.


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