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No Capture From Tape ....HELP!

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  • No Capture From Tape ....HELP!

    Sorry to be a nuisance but this new Edius 6.01 user cannot capture from tape. I plug my VCR in via firewire, Windows sees it but when I open the capture menu, "Video Capture" is greyed out. When I go to "Select input device" all I see is the voice-over icon.

    Everything worked fine in Edius 5.51 both with my DV VCR and my HD camera. I have trawled through the help files but it only tells me what to do when it all works, but nothing about what to do when it doesn't.

    I have checked every setting I can think of but without success so any help would be thankfully received.



    PS. I have heard that there are some bugs in 6.01, maybe this could be one of them??

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    Check the firewire you need legacy driver if using Windows 7 or you need on E6 to set up a capture device, it works differently on E6
    System Asus WS Z390 Pro MB, CPU i9 9900K, 32gb 3000mhz Ram, EVGA GTX1070TI, BM IP4K Win 10, BD Burner 1 Evo 840 and 4 Hotswap caddies
    Plugins Vistitle 2.8, TP7, NB TFX5
    Monitors Samsung 32 inch tv as main 1 LG M2350D,1 D2343 1 DM2350D as output to (3D) IP4K, PXW X70,Canon FX400


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      Have you set up your capture device preset? This is new in 6. Go to Settings>System Settings>Hardware>Device Preset and then go through the options to set up your preset. Once this is done initially, it will always be available.


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        Yeh, this is correct, this is new in V.6....had me for a while......Once the deck (or camera) is seen, you need to set up your input device....Check the HELP files, and you will see exactly how to do it....You may also need to setup an output device as well..and, MUST make the devices exactly the same as the timeline other words, in my case, I found out that the settings 720x480 lower field, was the settings for my input device, but my capture and output device was set to upper field....and at one time, was set to 720x486 progressive,timeline was setup as progressive somehow,.....I did not pay much attention to that, since it was not an issue in v.5, but it makes a difference in v.6, so make sure you don't make the same mistake as I did, otherwise you will be in here often......just need getting used to, just a different workflow, but v.6 works great.


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          Thanks guys for pointing me in the right direction, I guess E6 is a lot different to E5, that's what fooled me. I have done what you both said and we have lift off.

          Thanks and a happy New Year.



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            We have a tutorial to get people started.This had been posted in many threads and in the FAQ of EDIUS 6.
            EDIUS 6 has a lot of things which are different from previous version. Even longtime EDIUS users are adviced to watch the tutorial.

            register and watch the tutorial. :)

            Get Support or the Latest version of EDIUS:
            EDIUS support and Downloads


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              Thanks for the tip Steve. I have been with Edius from day one (version one) and have gone through all the upgrades and now arrived at 6, each one has it's own personality so it's not surprising that Edius 6 will be yet another learning curve.

              So thank goodness for this forum which will help users find their way, and maybe sometimes the questions may appear simple to some, it is only by folk learning about Edius that they will be able to use it to it's full potential.