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after burned DVD, trouble with DVD menu

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  • cubeny
    Thank you very much for your fast reply!
    I am so appreciated.
    I try now.

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  • antonsvideo
    you need to tick the bottom option (no title menu)

    all others can be unticked

    normally, if you want something, you tick it, but in this case, it is the opposite, maybe that is tradition in Japan?

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  • cubeny
    started a topic after burned DVD, trouble with DVD menu

    after burned DVD, trouble with DVD menu

    Sorry for my bad English. I hope you tried to understand what I want to say, and please help me.

    I burned dvd by EDIUS 6.

    Basically, there are no problem to play the DVD on PC.
    But, when I play DVD by DVD player, I have trouble with DVD menu.

    Usually, chapter button should be Green borderd when you select.
    But, no chapter menus turned into green.
    I have checked with 4 DVD players, but all players have same trouble.

    When I make DVD menu, I made no check marks "No Capter Button" "No Chapter Menu" "No Title Menu."

    I have tried all the cursor styles, that are "Border" "Fill" "Underline."
    But, all the styles did not work.

    I have had no problem with EDIUS PRO5, but EDIUS6.

    would you please give me any suggestions.