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    I've encountered a problem on one of my two E4.51 installations.

    Playback is fine on both systems, but on one when I hover my cursor over 'capture' on the viewer window or go to select 'player' in the Edius drop down menu in the viewer window, Edius crashes. Surprisingly, the problem is on the PC rather than the Mac (via Boot Camp) system.

    I have uninstalled 4.51, re-installed 4.24 followed by 4.51, but no success.

    Any ideas, anyone?

    Thanks in advance,


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    After about 30 hours' I've managed to find the cause, but not the cure for the problem on my PC installation. It appears that E4.51 cannot exist alongside a Hamerfall HDSP9652 Digital Audio Card driver installation; E4.24 and earlier were fine with no problems. The problem appears on either an installation of E4.51 over the top of an existing E4.24 or a completely new installation, including WinXP. In either case there does not appear to be an IRQ or memory conflict and in the case of when E4.51 is installed over the top of E4.24, using Windows' restore function does not result in returning E4.24 to a working state.

    The system motherboard is a Supermicro PDSGE fitted with 3.2GHz Dual Core CPU and 2GB RAM.

    I have just noticed that E4.51c is out and have yet to try that.

    Any suggestions as to how to overcome this other than buying a new PC will be welcome!



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      I should have added that the PC has the NX and HD expansion cards fitted.



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        I am demoing E4.5 on my laptop with a RME hammerfall DSP pcmia audio card,
        Edius4.5 don´t crash when placing the cursor over capture or selecting player
        from drop down.

        Are you using the newest driver from rme? I think it is 3.05.



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          You might find that EDIUS is trying to include your Hammerfall as a supported device via the new DirectShow hardware module. As asked above, how recent are the Hammerfall's drivers?


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            Thank you both for your suggestions. According to the RME web site, I have the latest drivers and firmware installed; driver version 2.94.4 (Dec 2005, if I remember correctly). E4.51c also has the same problem.



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              Still awaiting response from Canopus Technical Support.

              Further observations:

              1) After uninstalling RME HDSP9652 PCI Audio Card in Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/System Manager/Device Manager, E4.51c will work as expected. This seems to suggest that is a driver related issue as the RME hardware remains in situe.

              2) Error information displayed on crash quotes AppVer 450.0.46, ModVer, Mod name = credshal.dll and Offset = 00004810

              Any help will be appreciated as this is a major problem for me.