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Best way to get over Imaginate (II)

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  • Best way to get over Imaginate (II)

    GrassValley_SL states:
    The original question has been answered. The EOL of Imaginate has been discussed before.
    The thread has run its course.

    That might be Ok for SL, but is this a user forum where user's discuss ideas. The original thread was to inquire with other users on workarounds.

    C'mon SL, there is still a lot of discussion on Imaginate. GV's decision to abandon support in E6 is not received favorably by many users. Closing further discussion on the thread is pretty disappointing and clearly shows that GV isn't really listening to what users' really want. Be prepared to cop good feedback, and bad. Slamming the door on users discussions doesn't help much.

    I'm an Imaginate user, and I feel really let down that the E6 product has taken two steps forward and one step back. I don't think there are many Imaginate users out there who support GV's direction with this product. Perhaps GV should run a poll. All in favor of abandoning native support for Imaginate, all those against.

    This is a hot topic, and users ought to have the privilege to discuss it. And please remember, the original thread was to inquire with other users on workarounds. Please don't stop users sharing ideas on this topic.

    My 2 cents.
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    We are not developing Imaginate, period. It may not be popular, but it's fact.
    This has been stated before by Steve Wise and many others from GV.
    While discussion on how to achieve effects within the scope of the tools in EDIUS 6 is healthy, complaining because of cutting support of a death product does not benefit anyone.

    Imaginate can still be used as a standalone product and exports from it work in EDIUS 6.

    This has been answered in the early questions about EDIUS thread so information was provided upfront.
    Last edited by GrassValley_SL; 12-06-2010, 01:05 PM.

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