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  • edius 4.5 reference materials

    am scouring the refernce material but can find no mention of K2 Media Client (and/or XDCAM Select for that matter)

    is there another manual with details on the correct use and abuse of the K2 Media Client function? :)

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    Hi Andy - this feature is only available with Grass Valley EDIUS Edit Stations (turnkey laptops and desktops).

    You won't find it in a regular EDIUS Pro/EDIUS Broadcast software setup.

    As for XDCAM Select, I believe there's a small snippet of info about it in the 4.1 Broadcast guide - head to and check the Reference section.


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      thanks Kenneally,
      yes, i have a couple of turnkey desktop systems, and I realise I "should" wait for the correct upgrade to be distributed to our ftp site but am recklessy keen to take the new features for a spin (!). I was hoping to upgrade one of our stations, as a test bed ... so, am I correct in thinking then that the publicly released update is not the one I need, and won't enable these functions ... or will they automagically appear due to the dongle magic in the back of my systems?

      thanks for the guidance


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        Hi again,

        I'm referring to these systems launched in June this year -

        If you have one of these, you'll need to contact your system reseller and request updated dongles for each machine (you'll swap them with the ones you have) to add K2 functionality. If your turnkeys preceed this new range of systems, then I'm not sure they qualify - you might have to speak to your nearest GV office or distributor for more details.


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          I should add, that you'll obviously still need to have a K2 server - those are sold separately. :)


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            But... which is the secret in the edit station to connect to a K2, a piece of software, a dongle, connectivity tools, a license?, because I read the specifications of the desktop edit station sdi and i found that it is only a powerful computer.


            Cesar. :)


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              makes sense. thanks


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                k2's i've got ... the CAR is full of them!