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crash! file can't open. no backup! Help!

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  • crash! file can't open. no backup! Help!

    An hours worth of editing on the various sequences in Edius 5.5.

    There was a momentary powercut for some reason and the system went off. I tried to load it back-up but it wont, it says that somebody else is currently editing the file, and I can only open it as read-only. When I try to get into it that way, I get an error message saying:

    can not open the project file

    0x8007000d: the data is invalid.

    PANIC. I'm in serious trouble here. Surely there's a way to salvage this? Help. Ther'es too much work to start again.

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    Found how to do it on another thread via back-up.

    heart attack and angry impending visitors averted.


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      If you want to prevent this from happening again - buy a UPS.
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        This might be a good place to remind people to manually save their project when they first open it so that auto save kicks in.


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          The first thing I bought when I got the system. UPS has saved me on several occasions.
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            I've learnt another trick to aid in getting back to previous versions of projects:
            Save the project under a new name by adding a version number to the name and incrementing it by one, e.g. Project-V1.15.
            I do this at the beginning of each editing session now. This way I can always go back to a previous version in case my PC crashes or I make such a monumental ****-up of the project that is easiest fixed by reverting to a previous version.
            This has saved my butt a few times now.
            I also use Ctrl-S a lot whilst in an editing session to save the current project, especially BEFORE I walk away to get a cup of coffee etc.

            Computers should make our lives simpler, not more complicated...

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              Originally posted by tingsern View Post
              If you want to prevent this from happening again - buy a UPS.
              I'm using a APC Smart UPS 1500 and it switches several times a day, has saved me from disaster multiple times.
              Using the same at home ............
              Tony D.

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