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  • Videooutplugin

    Q 23 Will there be a video plug-in for CS5 AE + PS?
    No we will not have a Video-out plugin for AE and PS CS5

    Could you reconsider this?

    Is it a problem with Adobe or just too much work?

    The Video Out-Plugin with HD Storm (in 5.xx) and e.g. Photoshop up to CS4, was very useful to choose stills from digicameras to be used in Edius

    You might consider charging something for it?


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    It's crazy that support for this has been dumped - I had to buy a Matrox mini at £200 just to get output from CS5 apps - so yes - Grass Valley could indeed charge for this plug in - In my opinion, the output from the Spark is also better than the Matrox -

    C'mon GV - get to it !

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      I am fortunate to have a Intensity Pro card in my other machine. Anything needing preview by way of AE or Photoshop is worked on that machine. The transfered across the network. I also do most of my capturing through the Intensity Pro as well.
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        I have both the Spark and IntensityPro on the same machine, they both work with no problems, Edius stuff out with the Spark and CS stuff out with the Intensity.
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