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Audio problems with Edius Neo 3

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  • Audio problems with Edius Neo 3

    Sorry, pleas go to for this poste.

    Edius Neo 2 booster functioned perfectly (Attitude 5.1 or Stereo). A super editing program.

    With the new installation Neo 3 the Sound from the Timeline is not shown or has much disturbances on it. In the monitor preview the sound is in order.
    The Realtek audio attitude is thereby on " 5.1" programmed. If I take the attitude "Stereo" is there problem repaired.

    New installation Neo 2, with 5.1 or Stereo no problems.

    Renewed installation on Neo 3 again, same problems with 5.1, no problems with attitude "Stereo".
    Realtek audio manager (Vista_Win7_R254_x64)

    Why these differences between Neo2 and Neo3 ? What could the reason be?
    Thanks for a good advice.

    ASUS P5K Motherboard, 4 GB Ram, Realtec HD Audio, GPU 9600GT, WIN7 Home Premium (64Bit), Intel(R) Core(TM02) Quad CPU Q9550 2.83GHz, Edius NEO 3
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    This is a double post. See my reply to your post in the Neo forum.
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