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Quicktime's 31 flavors - what do you recommend for Final Cut?

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    Yeah, Animation @ 100% is Lossless....for 30 seconds, it should be around 900MB, so you can burn it to a DVD-R blank as data. Also put in a DVCPRO50 and DV25 versions of them on the same disc, just in case.

    By the way, there are still issues with Edius and QuickTime. I haven't really given export to QT a test, but when you import QT files into Edius, there is a color/luminance shift. I recommend that you use another application to export the QT files.

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  • JPowell
    Animation at "best" or Photo-Jpeg at 75% or 100% should work fine on a FCP machine.

    They'll have to drop it on a timeline and render most likely, but either codec will be visually (or actually) lossless.

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  • view
    Well a have made a lot of tv spot 30sec. in local and national stations
    we always make our final edit in edius with some animations from after effects
    and the best of all as a see is to export a quick time (uncompress),

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  • SRsupport
    You have to ask the station for details.
    That is the best way.

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  • Quicktime's 31 flavors - what do you recommend for Final Cut?


    I've got a legacy project that is going to be broadcast as a 30 second spot - it's comprised mainly of Canon H1 HDV footage. I may add some DVCPROHD as well (1080 60i) now that it's coming to life again.

    The station has various flavors of Final Cut, and I was happy to hear that they accept Quicktime files.

    I'm planning to deliver it as an SD 4x3 letterboxed product, where I'm using text inside the the lower 'letterboxing' here & there, and a touch of decoration around where the video hits the black 'boxes'.

    Is there a recommended flavor of Quicktime codec that you'd recommend to retain quality, and that will still load into a final cut machine (versions unknown)?

    Would like to go DVCPRO50 if at all possible, but may have to go DV to cover the denominators as to what they can read.

    Also - I'm guessing I should export the timeline into ProCoder 3, and choose the codecs/settings from there?

    Any advice is most appreciated. Thanks!