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4.5 Create new project?

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  • 4.5 Create new project?

    Ok....I love 4.5 so far and the functionality.

    What I can't figure out, and you can call me blind if you want, is how to create a new project. I click on the Edius icon and it all loads and I get the screen to open previous projects. I see the test "New Project" but no button to create a new project. Am I missing something or did I just not read the manuals which I can't download right now.

    I worked around it by opening an exisiting project and saving under a new name and deleting the old files. There has to be a way to start a new project. I just haven't figured it out yet.

    Main System. MSI G33m Motherboard, Intel Q6600 CPU, 2GB Ram, GeForce 9500GT, 7200rpm System drive. WinXP. Lots of external eSATA drives.

    Laptop. Sony Vaio. CPU- i7-Gen 3, 8gb RAM, 1tbb 5400rpm hard drive, AMD GPU

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    It's tricky till you know how:

    1. Choose the intended User Profile
    2. Choose the Project Preset you'd like to start a new project with. If one doesn't exist or is not listed (in the bottom third section of the Welcome Screen), click the "New Preset" button - go ahead pick a preset from there, and make any necessary adjustments to track numbers, codec, etc. Save your preset.
    3. With the preset highlighted, you should be able to click "Start"