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  • ? Behringer BCF2000

    Hi, any news on the support for this controller, I can't logon to the server so I can't read any of the release notes


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    Yes, the Behringer BCF2000 is supported.


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      what kind of news are you after Andy?
      support is listed, one therefore assumes that it works, there's probably not a lot to tell ... its just a control surface like the JLCooper Fader Master thats been supported a long time since.
      for what its worth, the Behringer unit is said to have quite a noisy motor control system so the flying faders are somewhat noisy ( the Fader Master is noisy too )


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        Have my BCF2000 up and running today. It took a while as setup info seems to be non existent. It is not even mentioned in the reference manual. If it is any help:- in the plug-ins settings menu, load the P9 preset then select reconnect in the 'Fader Device select'. Only operates when the Audio mixer display is open. Use U1 or U3 on the BCF2000. Hope that helps.
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          Ah, I'd love to integrate with this:


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            Behringer says its compatible with Sonar And also lists prersets for it
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