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can't log in on web site

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    Try this:



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      mmmm, remember when the old forum was hacked? kind'a similar isn't it.
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        Except the file I downloaded successfully yesterday at 11AM PDT was also hosted on -- is part of Limelight Networks, a high-speed digital content distribution company.


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          And there's nothing wrong with Limelight - the hosting is fully functional. The database server is on our (Canopus-come-GV) end, and it is needed to negotiate and navigate the User Downloads section of the web site, hence the "Cannot connect to external database" error.

          I still haven't got word on when the server in question will be restored and up yet. As before, I'll post any update I get.

          Be wary of downloading from other external mirrors - they aren't authorised or endorsed by GV - particularly if they've been tampered with or mistakenly include...'surprises'


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            I would not have posted the link if I wasn't completely sure that the file was legitimate and distributed legally.

            I actually first tried to locate the V4.51 update on the Canopus Japan site, but it still has the flawed V4.50 release, so I didn't bother.

            You can download the file directly from Limewire where Canopus is having it hosted, or you can wait for the problem with the website to be cleared up first and then get a link to the exact same file -- your call.

            To the moderators: if you have a problem with the link I posted, please feel free to remove the post.


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              Japan are putting the 4.51 update up on their site tomorrow/friday I think. There's also talk of a patch, so I wouldn't be surprised if they've held off till the patch is ready before they publish it on their site.


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                I`ve had 8 hours sleep and still Canopus Log in not working.

                What is the latest update on the Canopus Problem.


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                  Ok, from what I understand, there is a serious issue with the link between the database and the web server. Whether it was entirely due to the link getting hammered with login authentications after the launch of 4.5, I'm not sure - it could have just been bad timing.

                  Work has been carried out on this since early yesterday - it went back up momentarily, but brought the whole thing down again, so it's offline for more work.

                  The latest I have is that it should be up late today PDT (installing new hardware). We've received word from Japan that in the meantime, we will also get a new build of 4.5 which should counter some of the intial glitches that some people have reported here, specifically with TitleMotion Pro.

                  I know that some people have been mirroring the 4.51 archive. While I cannot control what you do outside of the actual forum, I ask that you refrain from posting links in this and other threads as I will have little choice to remove them. Posting Limelight links is fine, but they expire due to the nature of the download "ticketing" system.

                  This will be the only thread that I will post info about the downtime. I will lock/remove other threads and posts from now on.


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                    Update - work is almost done on the installation of new equipment. Various testing will be carried out after that to make sure everything is good and happy.

                    The good news is that in that time, I've uploaded a newer build of 4.5, and have a list of known issues that I will publish on the page and also here in the appropriate forum. The not so good news is that although this new update is also around the 450MB mark, it's an updater only - you won't be able to install this one fresh like the one that was up originally. While I've only tested on my machine here, it appears to easily upgrade an existing 4.51 install.

                    I've requested the full installer image go up too, but this probably won't be available immediately. Give it some time.

                    If you have already got 4.51 and have no problems up to now, then there is no reason you need download the new update. And as always, consider very carefully your need to update versus your need to complete a project for a deadline.

                    Almost there. Then I can sleep.


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                      Ok, it should all be up and working again.