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Converting DV to 16:9 aspect ratio

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  • Converting DV to 16:9 aspect ratio

    I recently shot a project with a Sony DXC-D30 camera and would like to convert the file to HQ,HD with a 16:9 aspect ratio (currently in DV format)...thanks

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    SD to HD
    You will need either a "Firecoder Blue" card using FireWriter 1.1 converting to 1920x1080 mpeg with superresolution selected

    Or use VirtualDub to upconvert using the "Lanscos3" scaling filter

    Otherwise severe staircasing and blockiness will occur and saturated colours especially RED and BLUE will smear. The results from Firecoder are superior to VirtualDub, much more vibrant in the colours (correctable) and better in visual contrast

    If it was filmed in 16:9 the results will be superior to coming from 4:3 BUT will not be as good as original HD but can be acceptable if that is all you have

    Regards Barry
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