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Edius V4.5: Thank you!

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  • Edius V4.5: Thank you!

    I know the forum is not intended for this fluffy sort of stuff, but I wanted to take a few moments and thank all of the people who made Edius 4.5 possible for their hard work -- the developers, QA, tech writers, marketing folks, beta testers, and everyone else.

    I've been using the new version for the last six hours, and I'm truly impressed with this release. My favorite new feature by far is the Batch Exporter, it greatly improves my workflow and productivity. I am so much more productive with HD projects today than I was with SD projects before switching to Edius.

    In the old days using another program, I used to spend long hours capturing from tape, do my edits, and then output one format at a time. Because I was usually trying to crank out multiple videos in multiple formats in a timely manner, that meant that I often was in front of my computer until the early hours waiting for the rendering/encoding to finish so I could switch to the next video/format and repeat the process -- let's just say I watched alot of infomercials with blurry, bloodshot eyes.

    I now work in HD with a Panasonic HVX200. When I get home from shooting an event, I start to transfer the stuff I recorded to my editing system using P2 Select, and in seconds can use the clips and edit them while P2 Select continues to copy the files in the background and eventually updates the project to use the newly copied files.

    I create one sequence for every video I need to output, trim and otherwise edit them, and now use the Batch Exporter to output all sequences at the same time as Canopus Lossless files rather than waiting for each one to finish and going on to the next one. I let Procoder 3 grab the AVI files from a watch folder, and have it create multiple targets (usually WMV HD, QT/H.264 and MPEG2 DVD).

    The bottom line is that going through the entire process I just described today (except for the actual render, which can complete at its own pace) takes about as long as just capturing a single tape in the old SD DV days.

    I just busted through a project with five sequences in record time, and my system is busy creating the aforementioned three targets for each of the five sequences as I write this. Had I started this in the evening like I normally do, I would simply have gone to bed and gotten a good night's sleep. Eighteen months ago, I would barely have finished capturing at this point, and the quality of the final product would have been worse than it is today.

    Sorry for the long-winded story, but I want all those who made Edius 4.5 possible to understand how much your work has impacted my productivity and personal life. Thank you!

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    Thank you for your kind words and continued support!


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      Yes... I second that... thank you for your kind words. :)



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        I am also a P2/EDIUS user, and would like to echo Thoff's sentiments.... Thank you.

        EDIUS is truly THE application for P2 integration and support. People don't know the true benefits of the P2 worfklow until they have experienced it with EDIUS. A perfect match. Please keep it this way. You guys are the only ones. Thanks again.

        HVX/P2/DVCPRO HD. EDIUS Broadcast 4.54


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          Ive been working on a huge project now for a few months.

          Do you think it wise not to install 4.5 right now?

          I do have my system Ghosted and could make a copy of my EDIUS working file if 4.5 messed things up though.
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            And I will join the trio from DVXuser to add my thanks on a great piece of software made better. Ta.


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              I might be wheel number 4 after the Dvxuser-trio, but i feel quite the same, and i havent even tried v4.5!

              I changed to Edius because of my HVX and the whole P2 support(specially in europe, where it was even harder to find support for 720p..!) and i am very pleased by the way Edius performances with that footage.

              Id like to second Thoffs experience, and i guess the real efforts of P2 will become more obvious in the near future when we will have even bigger P2-cards...i hope that GV will stick with the whole developement also for P2..!

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                Wags, I don't normally recommend to change in midstream. However, I will say that I did it for several projects with 4.5 and no problems with any of them.


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                  I'm with Pat - best to finish something first and then switch. If you choose to jump halfway through, then make a backup of your system, and most importantly, your project files (the footage should be ok leave alone).