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    No problem - glad it works for you.

    I believe that pre-vista ForceWare drivers offer you a choice to run the NVIDIA control panel in 'Classic Mode' which makes it what it used to be, minus a couple of newer controls.

    Alas, with Vista ForceWare drivers, you don't get a choice anymore. I've gotten used to finding things now, so my dislike/like ratio is 50:50.

    Happy editing!


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      Even though NVIDIA changed the Control Panel applet look, some of their drivers still support the old style (which I prefer as well). For awhile you could choose, but I think that feature has disappeared now as well.

      However, there are two registry keys that control this, and you may be able to switch back to the old style that way. Paste the following into Notepad, save the contents into a file with a .REG extension (such as OldCPL.reg), and then double-click on the file to import the settings into the registry:
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NvCplApi\Policies]
      ;hint: 1 = old panel, 2= new panel, 3= both panels
      As I said, it works with some of the NVIDIA drivers, but not all. It's worth a shot.