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Edius V4.51 and DVD Output

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  • Edius V4.51 and DVD Output

    What would cause the "Print to DVD" option to always be grayed out?

    I've tried it with DVCProHD projects (which is what I normally work with) as well as a brand-new SD NTSC DV project, and the option is always grayed.

    The DVDCreator.exe file exists in the Edius4 directory, and I can launch it from Windows Explorer -- it just isn't available from within Edius.

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    You are trying to export to DVD with a project preset that has a frame rate incompatible with DVD (NTSC - ie. 59.94i).

    The built-in MPEG-2 (Generic) encoder (not ProCoder Express) cannot convert a frame rate during encoding (this is actually partly because of the new Segment Encoding feature).

    So if you want to make a DVD with a non-59.94i/50i project preset, you must use ProCoder Express for EDIUS to create the MPEG stream (the video portion at least). You can then use DVDCreator to load in the pre-encoded stream and go from there.


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      Thanks for the quick and accurate response. It would be nice if that limitation was removed as some point in the future, but I can work around it until then.


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        The limitation is the same one that has been discussed at other times here - EDIUS can switch a clip's frame rate, but not a project's frame rate. It's very strict on the concept of "What you choose as your target output device, is indeed the target output device you'll use."

        This is why ProCoder Express still has a place with EDIUS. For the time being at least.


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          Nice one Thoff, that's the first thing I found I couldn't do!