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V4.5 update question

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  • V4.5 update question

    Is there a way to have a fresh V4.5 without having to install a V4.x first?

    Will installing the demo do the job? When I remeber correctly there were problems with the V4.03 demo: I installed it, plugged the dongle but wasn't able to update to V4.10 because of a 'wrong version' error box.


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    Read the Quick Q&A in the announcement post - you can install fresh with the update.

    DON'T use the trial to update your system!


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      Originally posted by GrassValley_KH View Post
      Read the Quick Q&A in the announcement post - you can install fresh with the update.
      Thanks, Kenneally! I'm so excited that I didn't read the announcement at all ;)

      Anyway: is the demo a full version? Meaning that a new customer can just plug his dongle and is set?


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        Yes, but it doesn't feature multi-language help menu support - it's English only.

        Also, if the license they purchase is for EDIUS Pro, then obviously the Broadcast features will remain disabled after the initial 30-day trial period.


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          OK, it won't open.

          I get the message in an Unable to Locate Component box:

          "MFC80U.DLL was not found"

          What should I do?


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            Hmmm. Two questions:

            1) Are you upgrading or installing fresh?
            2) Do you have a DVStorm board?


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              No DVStorm board.

              I was upgrading.

              I have just uninstalled the old version and am in the process of a fresh install.


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                If it happens again, trying uninstalling EDIUS with this tool:

                This error did crop up during beta testing on a couple of machines - it appears to be a random quirk with some Windows installations.


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                  I used the Canopus uninstall and then did a clean install. It is now working. I became so mesmerized by the GUI I almost forgot to come back here and report. Very professional looking. It seems at first use that the drop outs when having the audio mixer open has been fixed.

                  It did, at one point during the installation, ask for me to insert a disc so it could get something like CAB2Data (not exactly that). I went past that and it is working. Don't know what I left out.