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6.01 Demo No output presets?

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  • 6.01 Demo No output presets?

    Is this a demo limitation I wonder, no print to tape - "there is no output preset to match the project settings" dialogue whenever you attempt print to tape - regardless of settings - maybe you have to create the output presets yourself -

    So I made an output preset - DV 720x576 pal 50i 16:9 48k 2 channel 16 bit - now it allows me to select the DV OHCI preset I made, but although I am monitoring the output of my project through my DSR11 - Edius reports no deck found - please check connections !!

    So finally I can output to tape, but cannot capture with audio -

    I'm not exactly a novice with NLE's or engineering or computers - but the new "improved" presets thing is gonna cause hell for new or inexperienced users if Edius 6 is to be shipped with no output presets that make it "work" out of the box - maybe this is just a demo issue after all... I hope!

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