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Bedtime prayer

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  • mike0130
    But tomorrow I wish,for a super fast download day.
    Location: South Australia
    I see what you mean... It's today for us.
    It' ver 4.5 only... Let's wait to ver 10.5. You will just say: "Computer, capture, edit, output my video" and go to sleep. And You'll see ready movie on SuperDVD (2x2 sm) next morning...

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  • shueardm
    started a topic Bedtime prayer

    Bedtime prayer

    Dear Lord,

    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
    See me safely through the night,
    For EDIUS 4.5 will be my morning light.

    Father in heaven hear my prayer
    Keep me in thy loving care
    Be my guide in all I do
    And bless all those who love EDIUS too.

    Time has come for me to sleep,
    And I thank Thee for Thy keep.

    Thank you, God for today,
    You blessed my work you blessed my play,
    But tomorrow I wish,for a super fast download day.