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  • Edius Niche Market?

    This article in this months EventDV magazine caught my attention. Check the table at the bottom of the page and count for yourself! I was kind of, but not completely, surprised.

    Maybe it says a lot about those who know...

    Rusty Rogers | Films
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    Yeah I saw this article, even though events have slowed down for (I don't want to do them anymore) Edius is a must have for the same day edits. It's fast and always realtime.

    Also the broadcast market (ie, news organizations, edit stations putting together clips) etc will undoubtfully benefit from Edius. Probably by version 5 or 6 Edius will be really mature and can fully compete with the other NLE's which have industry standard Alpha channels etc etc. I've done many many projects with Edius, even docus. New AAF features etc will benefit users who go between applications.


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      As I've noted before, there are nearly as many videographers in our local association using Edius as either Premiere or Final Cut, for what that's worth. When we had an editing showdown last year, my home-brewed Edius system costing about $2500 (with software) could do things in real time which were beyond the scope of a guy with at least $10K worth of Mac hardware and software...and mostly competitive with an $8K Matrox Axio setup. I've had my share of complaints about Edius over the years, but I've yet to find a compelling reason to use anything else for my purposes.
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