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EDIUS v4.5 Update and 30-day Trial Now Available!

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  • EDIUS v4.5 Update and 30-day Trial Now Available!

    The wait is over, version 4.5 of EDIUS NLE software is now available as a free download from

    Within this update, you will find a new-look, GV-branded interface, additional features and enchancements, and fixes to some of the known issues that have been reported right here.

    EDIUS v4.5 Quick Q & A:

    1. How do I get EDIUS v4.5?
    You will need to have done two things - create a login account here and then register your EDIUS software product (either 'EDIUS Pro v4' or 'EDIUS Broadcast v4'). If you own an EDIUS hardware product, such as EDIUS NX Express, you'll still need to add your software to your Product Registry. If you've already done this, there is no need to do it a second time.

    Once that's done, log into the Web site and choose Product-related Downloads. From there, you should see either 'EDIUS Pro v4' or 'EDIUS Broadcast v4' from the list, depending on which program you registered.

    Scroll down to the 'Updates' section and the v4.5 update will be there. Don't forget, there are manuals available there too, which are all updated for this new release.

    2. Can I install this update fresh, without installing a previous version first?

    The latest update (v4.51c) can only upgrade an existing system. That is, you will need to have installed a previous version of EDIUS Pro/EDIUS Broadcast v4.xx software first. If you are installing on a fresh system, you will need to first install from your original CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and then apply this update. You will also need to have your security dongle inserted.

    We hope to offer an alternative, full installer for future releases.

    3. Is there a Trial version for v4.5?

    Yes. The trial version is now updated, providing newcomers with a 30-day fully functional installation of EDIUS Broadcast software, allowing you to edit with all the video formats currently supported in the software. This includes DVCPRO, P2, XDCAM, XDCAM HD, and Infinity JPEG 2000.

    Note: Do not use the trial version to update your existing installation!

    4. Is the EDIUS Training site going to be updated?

    The first wave of v4.5-based content is now online and we will continue to add more in the coming weeks - keep checking back at

    5. How can I tell what the new interface buttons do compared with the old interface?

    A small comparison document can be found here, which compares all old interface button functions with their new appearances.

    6. Is there an EDIUS v4.5 desktop background to use on my PC?

    There certainly is - visit the Product-related Downloads section (where you'll get the v4.5 update) and you'll find the background in the 'Utilities' section.

    Features Added in v4.5:

    User Interface
    • New design
    New Format Support
    • DVCPRO HD 720 59.94p/23.98p (over 59.94p) over HD-SDI (for EDIUS HD systems with HDBX1000 Multi-I/O)
    • P2 AVC-Intra Import (also requires AVC-Intra plug-in option)
    • Native AVCHD Import
    • Sony HDV 1080 24p/25p/30p support (HVR-V1J)
    • Sony HVR-DR60 import / direct support (patent pending)
    • JVC HDV 720 59.94p/50p support
    AAF Support
    • AAF import/export support (designed for use with Digidesign ProTools and Adobe After Effects)
    Segment Encoding
    • Smart rendering for SD MPEG-2, XDCAM HD and HDV
    • 480i, 576i and 1080i format only (720p, and Speed Encoder not supported)
    New Output Options
    • Export to DVD with menus
    • Dolby Digital export
    • Batch export
    Profile Management
    • Change and store EDIUS settings by creating unique User Profiles
    GV Connectivity
    • K2 MediaClient (requires EDIUS Edit Station)
    • Turbo (requires EDIUS Edit Station)
    • Infinity JPEG 2000 (requires EDIUS Broadcast and dongle replacement)
    New Peripheral Support
    • Behringer BCF2000 support
    Improved Productivity
    • VTR emulation option; Jog/Shuttle support
    • New ‘[Title safe area]’ guideline
    • DPX file import
    • Multi-user management: when more then one person accesses the same project, the second person will open it as read-only
    • New ‘[Channel select]’ video filter – when a clip includes an alpha channel, you can choose to output only the key channel
    • RLE compression for Targa files
    • Trim multiple transitions / cross fades simultaneously
    • New fade in / out commands (video/audio only or both)
    • MultiCam edits will now automatically cut tracks at the beginning and end of a multi-layered section of video (to avoid incorrect disabling of clips after the sequence)
    • Review command for edit points (play back the edited area)
    • Create custom export presets
    • Added search functions for keyboard shortcut and GUI button customization windows
    • Added Keyboard diagram window for keyboard shortcut mapping
    • Added ‘[Channel fix mapping]’ command
    • Added command to ‘[Select clip where the timeline cursor is located]
    • Added shortcut and button to toggle ‘[Extend clip when applying transition/cross fade]
    • Added function to show timecode and audio level meter on the preview screen only, and not on the external monitor
    • Display source timecode together with timeline timecode (at trim mode)
    • Increased the maximum size of RT Buffers for SD and HD editing
    • New video overlay subsystem, allows for Direct3D support
    • DirectShow video file import (supports most popular DirectShow codecs installed on the same system)
    • DirectShow hardware support – capture directly from DirectShow-based hardware, such as soundcards, Web cams, etc.