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no audio / video preview thru hardware

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  • no audio / video preview thru hardware


    we're running Edius Pro 3.31 on a PC running win XP with an NDBX1000

    for some reason it has stopped playing audio and video out of the NDBX1000. Also no audio levels are shown on the LED meters on the front of the unit

    we have checked all cable connections.

    sound now comes out of the PC sound card speaker & video previews on the computer screen only. Capturing & software aspects still works fine

    does anyone have any suggestions? I think a driver update might solve the problem but i dont have registration details to hand

    I'm not too familiar with Edius but i cant find an audio settings window, i can only find balanced audio settings and general i/o settings. There doesnt seem to be a settings window within Edius where u confirm your audio/video hardware device



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    Check your project settings. Sounds like you're in an OHCI mode project, which won't use the SD/HD board or HDBX1000.


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      similar issue in Edius 9

      I am having a similar issue with Edius 9... and I see the "Generic OHCI - Output: none" being displayed at the bottom of the screen... but I don't know how to change the setting in the project settings. Can you provide any guidance on what needs to change to get the audio to work?