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  • edius hdspark/edius combo

    bh photo has this combo for 699.00, does this include the software bundle. vitascene, etc? and will my upgrade to 6.0 be free if i buy this combo now?

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    Originally posted by lonny
    bh photo has this combo for 699.00, does this include the software bundle. vitascene, etc? and will my upgrade to 6.0 be free if i buy this combo now?
    What do bh say? It will be up to them to honor any deal they put forward. GV might have an agreement with bh, but bh might have a different arrangement with the customer. GV can't realistically be obliged to honor anything that they have not proposed. So you really need to find out exactly what bh will put in writing for your purchase.
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      Regarding bundles:
      On the BH site, click on the "Edius 5 Video Editing Software" link inside the "What's in the Box" box. At the end of the description is the bundled software list. It is imprecise, but maybe that's enough?

      Regarding upgrade:
      I did email the San Jose office about something tangential to this, but mentioned this very deal just this past Friday. Their response was carefully worded to say "qualifying purchase" everywhere, but did mention that I should save the receipt if I do purchase. I do not see anything on the upgrade form that would limit applicability aside from dates and hardware bundles, and the HDSpark is on the list as a supported bundle.

      Wouldn't hurt to call to be sure, though -- I am not your guaranteeing third party! [insert lawyer speak]

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        Price is good. The HD Spark alone is $329.00. ALso, with this bundle you get a free upgrade to Edius 6. Because you purchased Edius 5 after September 1st it should fit into that free upgrade to be sure.
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          Yes, that $699 HDSPARK + EDIUS v5 bundle from B&H includes all 3rd party software plug-ins. Normal list price is $899, so that's a great deal!

          And, as stated at the top of the EDIUS v6 Free Upgrade Form, this bundle is a qualifying product if purchased between Sept. 1 and Nov. 30, 2010.