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    In another NLE I have seen that you can draw some kind of rough mask arround f.ex. a person before you apply the keying effect.
    This is usefull if you f.ex. have a shadow in the corner or something similar, so that you only have to consider the green in the near area arround the subject. It should make your keying easier.

    Is this possible in Edius too?


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    No, not in v5 but the new v6 but i suppose you can try creating an alpha mask, export it then load it up again and apply the chromakey effect. Should work but v6 gives you more options.
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      In other programs it's called a "garbage matte"
      E6 will have its new Mask filter.
      In E5 you can fake it with Region. (not available in E6)
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        See if it could help you: