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Help, Edius still crashes during playback

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  • Help, Edius still crashes during playback

    In editing mode, Edius continually crashes during playback of clips already captured with a canopus ADVC-100 converter. The clips capture just fine, but during playback the program constanly freezes. Especially if I pause play, and try to hit play again, rewind, etc... I had the same problem with an older computer and now I upgraded to new computer. Same old problem.
    Is there some setting that is wrong like latency or bios?

    I am running Edius v2.53 (I know it's old...) on a brand new dell latitude with intel core 2 CPU T5600 at 1.83 GHZ, with 1 GB RAM, and intel 945GM graphics card video Bios version 1343, with 8MB video memory. The operating system is windows XP

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    I would try modifying the Processor Affinity Mask in Task Manager to restrict Edius to a single core. Open up Task Manager, go to Processes, find Edius, right-click and select Set Affinity, and only leave the first CPU selected.

    If that works, I can help you make the change permanent.


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      Thanks I will try restricting processor

      Thanks much, I will try your suggestion this afternoon.


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        limited to single processor still freezes

        I tried to limit Edius to use just one processor and it still freezes in edit/playback mode. I even converted my avi clip to MPEG with procoder and reduced the video file size to 500MB. Results were even worse. The video froze upon first playback. Edius crashes, locks up, and I cannot reload program unless I do a hard restart. Sometimes the program freezes just becaause I press pause/play. Sometimes it randomly locks up during playback. I have contacted tech support, we will see what they say. I feel like it must be some basic setting.


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          I know this is not what you asked but I really would suggest upgrading to edius 4. This with 4.5 just a few days away.

          There are not many users on this forum who still use 2.xx So response will be slow.

          Just and idea. I do hope tech support can help you out.

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