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Export and reimport clips for AE treatment

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  • Export and reimport clips for AE treatment

    I need to export some footage for After Effects treatment and then bring it back to Edius for final export. I've done this many times but wanted to ask if I'm doing it right.

    Logically, you don't want to export into a lossy compression. But I've always exported to Canopus HQ and not Canopus lossless. Should I be using Lossless?

    When exporting from After Effects I sometimes use QT MOV and sometimes Canopus. Again, both of these have an option of lossless. Should I be using these?

    I never had quality complaints from clients and that's why I never asked before but I always had this in the back of my mind since I want my work to have the best quality possible.
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    I always use at least lossless as well. Usually I use uncompressed RGB in and out of AE. My system has no problems playing them and editing them. I also have plenty of storage space now, so it isn't a problem.
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