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  • firewire

    have set up a shortcuts for switching capture settings between HD-SDI (HDBX box), HDV and DV (firewire/ohci)

    problem is that when I switch the capture setting between HDV and DV the system won't appear to accept the change unless I unplug and replug the pc's connection to the deck.

    can anyone confirm that this is the case and / or whether there is any workaround (other than pulling out and replugging the cable). could this be a driver issue? any ideas?


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    Is you playback device off before you make the switch?


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      no Tony, not at all

      consider I am using an HDV deck (for both HDV and DV playback) and am capturing a pile of rushes from mixed sources. i plunk in an HDV tape, select HDV as the input source (in Edius) and capture, all good. then i plunk in a DV tape, select DV as the input source ... but cannot capture, as Edius now refuses to see the firewire port as anything other than DV unless I unplug the firewire cable from the Edius PC and replug it again, at which point it is happy to capture DV via the firewire port.

      obviously I don't want to have to go through the unplug/replug shuffle as the deck is otherwise permanently connected, so i'll try toggling the deck on and off and see if that works as it is slightly less bother.

      of course, ideally i'd just like Edius to release and reassign the port when I reselect the input selection within the Capture > Input Settings

      wondering if its just my system or same for everyone?


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        Turn of your playback Deck before Making the switch. There shouldn't be a problem. Better then Unpluggin and plugging. Goodluck