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HD Output and Edius 5

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  • antonsvideo
    1. connect a monitor to your breakout bay to make sure it looks ok with the DVD recorder out of the way

    2. attach the DVD recorder to the end of the chain at the edge of the boat and lower it when you found a good fishing spot

    DVD recorders should be made illegal, they do not adhere to any spec and they don't understand 16:9 aspect when it comes to recording an external source such as yours

    you can make Blu-rau disk and DVD direct from Edius timeline
    Compile and Burn to DVD or Blu-ray BD-R or BD-RE direct from Edius5 timeline

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  • Stardust114
    started a topic HD Output and Edius 5

    HD Output and Edius 5

    I am fairly new to the forums (read: completely new) and am probably asking a rather simple or silly question.

    I started to use Edius 5 recently to edit my HD recordings.
    Now i know that you can use the SD setting to output your video to a dvd recorder with tv connected but how does this work when you want to use it with HD material. I can convert the project to the same SD setting but that results in a big mess with the just edited video (subjects are out of the picture and things are huge). I basically want to keep the quality of the video ofcourse.

    I have a Canopus NHX-B10 bay in my pc which is currently connected to my dvd recorder. Is there any way to use the B10 with this or will i need different hardware to realise a HD output towards my dvd player?

    Thanks in advance for your comments