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  • How much memory

    How much memory does edius adress, I am asking because if the /3GB switch in xp make a difference ?
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    2 GB. It's a 32-bit app.


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      Are you saying it takes 2GB of Ram just to run Edius? meaning you would need more than 2GB for intensive editing (particularly HD) ??? I have 2GB of ram and it seems sluggish with the audio when playing HD, particularly when the audio mixer window is open.
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        Edius can use 2 gb of ram but it doesn't use that much.
        It is known that for mixing accuracy the buffer will only go to 10. If you have the audio mixer open when playing back HD you are not utilizing the full buffer. So it is not recommended.
        Think of it as mixer open = mixing mode max buffer 10
        Mixer close = editing playback mode full buffer.
        Audio monitoring when editing can be done by enabling the audio meters in the status display which comes up wit ctr+g.
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