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  • Questions about upcoming Edius 6

    There are four things that to me are drawbacks when editing with Edius Neo and they were exactly the same in Edius 5.5 when I tried it: one is that the YUV curve is not keyframable, except maybe through the "Blend filters" filter and it's poorly implemented at best, since the editor doesn't have control over the exact keyframe in the timeline.

    Another is that brightness and contrast are keyframable, but they do a very poor job at it. For example, when I set a specific B&C in one keyframe, and then set different values in the next keyframe about two or three seconds later, the transition from one keyframe to the next is stuttery, in the sense that the B&C don't change smoothly, but instead they change in jumps, and it's very noticeable.

    Also there's the lack of a simple levels filter like Vegas, Premiere and other NLEs have. While Edius has an excellent YUV curve filter (with the exception of not being keyframable), sometimes it's easier and faster to work with the standard levels filter.

    Finally, there's the lack of good audio filters like Vegas and Premiere have. While there have been some new additions in audio, there's no mention of new audio filters.

    Does anybody have any more information about all these things I've mentioned?
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    These have not changed with V6. The same range of audio plug-ins is available in E6 as well.
    Have you tried using Vitascene? It is not a levels filter but you can keyframe brightness, contast, gamma etc..
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