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  • Xdcam Hd 4 Audio Channel Export


    I´m using EDIUS Broadcast v4.24 and Sony XDCAM HD F350 cameras. Recently I tried to export a clip back to BlueRay Disc with the 4 audio channels that the XDCAM HD accepts, but noticed that EDIUS won´t export it.
    When I´m asked with the PROJECT SETTINGS, there´s no "XDCAM HD Project". The only options that allow more than 2 audio channels are DVCPro HD presets, but I can´t export XDCAM HD from that project type.



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    Which EDIUS project setting are you using? Output options are entirely determined by the initial project setting you started out with - it sounds like you're editing in a project setting that does not support XDCAM HD output.

    Only a select few project settings support this output option, such as 1440x1080/59.94i


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      hey Keneally

      as there are only a few project settings support this output option, could you take a moment to list them, it might save some digging around later on.



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        Project Settings

        Hi Kenneally,

        I´m using the 1440x1080/59.94i project setting, but this option allows only 2 audio channels. The only kind of project that supports more than 2 channels (HighDef speaking) are the DVCPro HD project, with 8 audio channels. But they are 1280x720 or 960x720.
        I´ve now updated to version 4.5.1 of Edius. When I choose de XDCam HD as output format, it allows me to choose between 2ch/16bit or 4ch/16bit. But once my project have only 2 audio channels I´m not able to map some of my tracks to channel 3 and 4, ending with a clip that have channels 3 and 4 with no audio!!!

        If you notice, in the "Aditional Info" field within the "Project Settings" window, theres NO CONFIGURATION that states for XDCAM HD!!!! Only DVCProHD, HDCAM, HDV...