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  • Is this computer to "old school"

    Time flies when you enjoy editing with Edius (4.6) more than anything in the entire world!!!!...My current system was top of the line by "guy Graphics" three years Windows xp pro verson202 service pac3, Intel xeon R cpu quad core, 5160 3.00ghz, 2 gigs of ram, Gforce 9500GT, NXpci-xpci-e card, Super Micro x7DDAx86..(I currently editing HDV footage, canon AH-1, and now also with 1080/60p from my panasonic it) main objective is to edit one stream of each in real time.... IF NEEDED is it worth putting a few hundred or so on any computer upgrades...or as my best friend says (when he stops laughing)..get another computer and forget about it.... any ideas would be great...Thanks Gary.

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    I'm cutting hdv and canopus hq on a quad core (dell t5400 + HDStorm) without problems. Get the 'red-line' on some combinations of fx and transitions. If it's something I'm playing again and again- or want to move, but am happy with- it's worth rendering out, or exporting as HQ and re-importing. But otherwise it's fine. (In fact, I've been able to cut much the same sort of stuff on a dual core lenovo laptop. Not the best way to work, and slow to export, but as long as there's decent room on the hard-drive, it's been ok too.)
    Then again: I'm not a super-fast editor- and am producing my own stuff. If I was working with a director/producer peering over my shoulder irritably, and wanting their every suggestion on-screen before they've even thought it through: I'd want a faster machine :)
    Work: Edius 7.20.437 on HP Z220 workstation; Edius 6.08 on i7 running Win 7 64 bit 6 GB RAM. Neo 2.0 on a Lenovo T61. JVC GY-HD201 and GY-HD110.
    Home: Canon HV20 and Panasonic GH1 (hacked); Neo 3.01 on HP elitebook 8440p i7 and Neo 1 on homemade dualcore desktop.


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      What I would do is add 2GB more RAM & new GPU, wait another 12 months, then upgrade complete. Use the old system as a windows Server 2008 file storage or Windows Home server.
      AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, RTX 3080, 64GB RAM, EDIUS X WG.


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        Thanks all...Shueardm, will I be able to upgrade or would you leave 4.6 and add 6.0..Thanks again


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          You mean EDIUS? Yes, absolutely it will run V6, I have a cheap system that runs a single Pentium D 3.2 Version 5.5, it does ok

          Just add more RAM and GPU.
          AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, RTX 3080, 64GB RAM, EDIUS X WG.


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            one more question Shueardm, I thought the max ram that my system could see is only 3 gigs..bit confussed...Thanks for the help


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              3.2 or something if you havew 32 bit operating system.
              The 2GB you have is going to work but for the small price of 2GB more, it's a good upgrade,
              AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, RTX 3080, 64GB RAM, EDIUS X WG.


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                Yeah Mark,
                It is 3.5 with the PAE switch activated.
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                  Originally posted by MinMinc. View Post
                  Time flies when you enjoy editing with Edius (4.6) more than anything in the entire world!!!!...My current system was top of the line by "guy Graphics" three years ago...
                  I think you need to upgrade the whole thing.

                  I had just replaced a system very similar to your old one. I went to the i7 920. You can read the specs in my sig. Total upgrade costs were about $850. That replaced everything but the hard drives, optical drive, and the case.

                  Well worth the upgrade to the i7. The rendering speed with the i7 is awesome. This past weekend, I rendered a 48 minute HDV project to a 16:9 DVD in just under 15 minutes. The project had four layers of HDV material in places, and color correction throughout.

                  One of my "super-geek" friends (a EEE geek) told me to stay away from the Xeon unless I was building a server.

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                    Thanks for all the help, question, I'm still a bit lost..(nothing new)...I7920 from XP yes no???..New video card, which plays well with my system?...Ram upgrade to 4gigs from my 2..anything else...My current syster works Great with my two canon AH1's..but since I'm using footage from my new panasonic TM700 60p..I currently have to convert to HQ avi's to get a fluid play back..Thanks for everything...Gary