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    Don't know why you're wondering Anton - this has been answered elsewhere. No, basically.


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      Originally posted by pjsssss View Post
      Normally the free update applies to 30 days before release but I have not heard anything specific. Maybe Chris will be able to help out here.
      What Zorro says in the post after yours is the same information that we were
      giving out at WEVA.
      Six Gill DV

      If you own the Tutorials and you need help, PM me.

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        Very Impressed with Edius-6 at Photokina Exhibition in Germany

        I visited yesterday to Colone Photokina Exhibiton and I saw Germany Grasvalley Retailers had a show on on Edius-6 Presentation in Dutuch. Even I do not Understand the Language I watched 30 min presentation on New feautures. Very impressed with Masking feauture with Key frames and Newly redesign 3d PIP with Lay out feauture. It is going to be a turning point for Edius 6 to attract many HD editers in Future, I am with Edius from Verson 1.00. But Edius 6 is going to be powerfull. I used to work with DPS velocity longtime ago. I used to see there 3d effects was good. Now similar way Grass valley Listen the editers and made us Happy at last. If any one visitting Please visit to Hall No9 at Photokina and see the Demo. Thank you Grass Valley.


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          Hi "John"

          I am sure Nathan mean with his => Edius-6 Presentation in Dutuch

          not "dutch" .... aka Holländer / Niederländer / Netherlands people
          he means "deutsch" ...aka german
          CentralEurope aka Hans
          voluntary / unpaid moderator from the german GV-forum ... Edius 4.61 up to Edius 9.xx
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            I am not a German citizen

            I am sorry I didnt mean to insult the language. I meant as a English speaking person i didn`t understand that detutch language. I never complain about Language. As I am different language speaking i wasn`t understand, But i was impressed with the presentation.


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              John Hooper

              I think your comment regarding Nathan is bit harsh. Many people in UK are not native English. It is not their first language so therefore their grammar may not be as good. On the otherhand many people of ethnic origin have a better command of the English language than the native people.
              SK Raja

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                I apologise to Nathan. I have deleted my posts

                It did read a little like an advert similar to the post recently for platform staging from China.
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                  Re:Nothing to worry

                  I haven`t taken serious about this matter. just forget it and take it Easy. But I love the Grass Valley Edius- 6. Grass Valley are listening us. This is the main point here. Grass Valley Edius - 6 is going to be one of the best software in Western and Asian Countrys. Good Luck Grass Valley.


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                    I agree mike and thanks John.
                    SK Raja

                    Adobe production suite cs5
                    windows 7 ultimate 64bit Edius 6 Vitscene Mercalli Bluff Titler Boris FX


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                      Yes it does. If I remember though, so does Edius 5. However, the CPU power needed if you use it as sequential frames is unbelievable.


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                        Originally posted by newscctv
                        great post~~

                        thanks a lot!!
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                          I have ordered E6. :)
                          Cannot wait for it to arrive. :)
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                            Edius 6 ?

                            I am trying to run edius 6 through my projector and I can't get the source time to display even though the option is selected. It worked fine with my two monitors but it will not display on the projector. I only gives me the run time on the video.


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                              Look in View>On Screen Display and make sure PC Monitor/External Output is checked
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