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Front Side Bus question on laptop

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  • Front Side Bus question on laptop

    For general use, not so much for editing, found a nice 17in dell dualcore 1.7gig
    but the fsb is 533.should i be looking at 667 or 800 instead or is the difference that noticeable?

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    For general office type use or if you want to let it sit and render stuff for you while you work on another edit system it will be ok. If you are using DV footage it should be fine for sure.

    For intensive editing the faster the FSB the better. I got one with the 667 bus and it is about the equal of my AMD X2 4800. I got the Core2 2.0ghz with 2GB ram. I can do simple to moderate HQ editing easily. I do same day edits for weddings and I can now do them in HD if I could afford a projector to show them on. :-)
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