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    i am working with edius 3.64 and the hvx200 i shoot and edit a 30 min show in SD dvcpro50 that i would like to put up on you tube. does anyone have a suggested workflow? right now i just output to beta sp and dvd. any ideas would be appreciated. ps i also have CS3 if that factors in

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    I output from Edius directly to .flv (Flash v7... v8 does not work with YouTube!) Results are pretty good, but not as good as Flash 8.

    YouTube is 4:3. I edit projects in 16:9 HDV, then change my project settings to 4:3 DV when I finish and the project is automatically lettterboxed!

    For most of us YouTube has a 100mb/10min. limit. If it helps, I don't think Google Video has no time limit.

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      outputting directly to flash from edius, is that only in 4.xx? I don't see that option using my 3.64


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        Check this page out: