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V4.5: official feature list?

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  • V4.5: official feature list?

    Since V4.5 is out in Japan and to be released worlwide on August, 8th, I'd like to ask if someone from Canopus/TGV would be so kind to post a complete detailed feature list? TIA

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    It will go up on the 8th - sorry, I can't make it happen before then.


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      If you understand German, here's a pdf with what you're asking for ... from the German forum:

      magic multi media GmbH - Ihr Partner für den digitalen Videoschnitt. Systemhaus für professionelle Videotechnik. Schulung, Beratung und Verkauf.

      I don't understand why the same information doesn't exist in English ... it's only positif information.
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        It does exist in English, however, it's very broken English which I am in the process of rebuilding for the Web site launch.


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          Bart, thanks for posting it.

          Btw, the third address is my company ;)


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            even though it is in german...seems many things are coming down the road...overlays, dvds with menus...can't wait for Aug 8th


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              Originally posted by GrassValley_KH
              It will go up on the 8th - sorry, I can't make it happen before then.
              Ok maybe I can:

              User Interface
              • New design

              New Format Support
              • DVCPRO HD 720 59.94p/23.98p (over 59.94p) over HD-SDI (for EDIUS HD systems with HDBX1000 Multi-I/O)
              • P2 AVC-Intra Import (also requires AVC-Intra plug-in option)
              • Native AVCHD Import
              • Sony HDV 1080 24p/25p/30p support (HVR-V1J)
              • Sony HVR-DR60 import / direct support (patent pending)
              • JVC HDV 720 59.94p/50p support

              AAF Support
              • AAF import/export support (designed for use with Digidesign ProTools and Adobe After Effects)

              Segment Encoding
              • Smart rendering for SD MPEG-2, XDCAM HD and HDV
              • 480i, 576i and 1080i format only (720p, and Speed Encoder not supported)

              New Output Options
              • Export to DVD with menus
              • Dolby Digital export
              • Batch export

              Profile Management
              • Change and store EDIUS settings by creating unique User Profiles

              GV Connectivity
              • K2 MediaClient (requires EDIUS Edit Station)
              • Turbo (requires EDIUS Edit Station)
              • Infinity JPEG 2000 (requires EDIUS Broadcast and dongle replacement)

              New Peripheral Support
              • Behringer BCF2000 support

              Improved Productivity
              • VTR emulation option; Jog/Shuttle support
              • Video-out plug-ins including: NewTek LightWave3D ver.9; Autodesk Maya 7, 3ds max 8, Combustion 4; Bauhaus Software Mirage 1.5a (i.e. no longer a separate paid option – included for free)
              • New ‘[Title safe area]’ guideline
              • DPX file import
              • Multi-user management: when more then one person accesses the same project, the second person will open it as read-only
              • New ‘[Channel select]’ video filter – when a clip includes an alpha channel, you can choose to output only the key channel
              • RLE compression for Targa files
              • Trim multiple transitions / cross fades simultaneously
              • New fade in / out commands (video/audio only or both)
              • MultiCam edits will now automatically cut tracks at the beginning and end of a multi-layered section of video (to avoid incorrect disabling of clips after the sequence)
              • Review command for edit points (play back the edited area)
              • Create custom export presets
              • Added search functions for keyboard shortcut and GUI button customization windows
              • Added Keyboard diagram window for keyboard shortcut mapping
              • Added ‘[Channel fix mapping]’ command
              • Added command to ‘[Delete clip where the timeline cursor is located]
              • Added command to ‘[Select clip where the timeline cursor is located]
              • Added shortcut and button to toggle ‘[Extend clip when applying transition/cross fade]
              • Added function to show timecode and audio level meter on the preview screen only, and not on the external monitor
              • Display source timecode together with timeline timecode (at trim mode)
              • Increased the maximum size of RT Buffers for SD and HD editing
              • New video overlay subsystem, allows for Direct3D support
              • DirectShow video file import (supports most popular DirectShow codecs installed on the same system)
              • DirectShow hardware support – capture directly from DirectShow-based hardware, such as soundcards, Web cams, etc.

              Common issues resolved include (but not limited to):
              • Audio nodes can be clicked and selected
              • Audio nodes can be created and adjusted during playback (correctly)
              • Alt-N/Alt-M edit functions ripple correctly with the Edit Cursor
              • ProCoder Express for EDIUS DVD export no longer crashes outright
              • Audio Mixer no longer produces loud, spikes of distorted audio
              • Color Correction preview buttons are no longer blank
              • Many Focus Enchancements FireStore issues resolved
              • Darkened overlay issues fixed for NX/SP (new overlay subsystem)
              • Edit cursor now snaps to multi-track transition In/Out points


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                Originally posted by GrassValley_KH
                Ok maybe I can:

                Video-out plug-ins including: NewTek LightWave3D ver.9; Autodesk Maya 7, 3ds max 8, Combustion 4; Bauhaus Software Mirage 1.5a (i.e. no longer a separate paid option – included for free)

                Is this on top of AE and Photoshop plugins?
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                  Yes, those are also included.


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                    This is really great! I'm especially excited by the commitment to provide the video output plugins for MAX, Combustion, etc.

                    One question about the Bauhaus Mirage... I just recently purchased TV Paint (who are actually the developers of Mirage software, there are legal disputes and Mirage will not be updated but TV Paint is continuing development) and I'm hopeful the Mirage plugin may provide the output for TV Paint?

                    I am very excited about the commitment all these improvements show... thanks Grass Valley!

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