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  • DVStorm2 Dilemma!

    I still can't believe all DVStorm forums have vanished.
    Where's a DVStorm user to go?
    Oh well, hopefully someone here will redirect me to the right place...
    Anyway, here's my question:

    I just got me a Pentium 4 system (3.2 Ghz), and I want to know whether the DVStorm2 will run on it.
    The motherboard has 3 spare PCI slots, I'd be incredibly frustrated if the Storm refused to install in all 3 of them. I didn't go for one of the newer motherboards because they now come only with PCI-E, which is useless for the Storm.
    So anyway. Because I have 4 Gb of RAM, I thought I would get Win 2003 Server Enterprise Edition R2 or Win 2008 Server Enterprise Edition, both of these systems support more than 4Gb of RAM , and I may add another 2Gb soon.
    Thing is, I've never heard of anyone who run Edius or the DVStorm2 on those Operating Systems, therefore, I'm thinking there might not be adequate drivers to run the Storm Card OR even the software (I also use Premiere)
    Most DVStorm2 users used to have WinXP Pro, so I'm tempted to go with that OS instead, given that it may support the DVStorm2 plus all the other graphics and video applications I use for editing.
    I'm reluctant to use Vista because it may not support "older" editing software such as Premiere Pro 2 and Photoshop 7 and ProCoder 1.

    So my question is:
    Which Operating System should I choose?
    If I choose Vista, I may not be able to run my older software on it
    If I choose XP Pro I won't get to use my full 4Gb+ of RAM
    If I choose Win 2003 (or 2008), I will get my full 6Gb or RAM but may not be able to run Edius, Premiere, etc, or even install the DVStorm2 properly.

    thanks in advance,


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    As far as I know Edius won''t run under Vista


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      That's right, neither DVStorm (hardware) nor EDIUS software are supported under Vista.

      In fact, I'd say it's 100% unlikely that DVStorm Vista drivers will see light of day, due to it being almost three years out of productions. (ie. if the XP drivers don't work under Vista, that's it).


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        Originally posted by EDV Productions
        I still can't believe all DVStorm forums have vanished.

        Where's a DVStorm user to go?EDV

        Right here. :) the Edius forum covers the hardware that is used with it.

        Now please realize that the Strom has been out of production for years now so the hope that any development for it is pretty much zero.

        But we are here to help ya! :)



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          Has anyone tested the XP drivers under Vista?
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            I've tried storm and nx under vista and vista 64 and the only way i could get edius to work was by using the ieee1394 settings on the nx, so may as well use a cheap firewire card.
            Vista 64 was a no no.
            The storm didn't work at all for me.
            I didn't do much testing of either OS's as I didn't have the time, so how stable ediiting would have been under Vista/NX/Edius I really can't say.
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              Okay, so Vista seems to be out.
              Does anyone know where I can find WinXP drivers for the DVStorm2 ?


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                Originally posted by EDV Productions
                Does anyone know where I can find WinXP drivers for the DVStorm2 ?
                As always: in the Canopus download section (registration required) or on the installation discs (Storm, Edius)


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                  How do you register a product that hasn't been installed yet?

                  (I don't have the DVStorm2 Pro version by the way, just the DVStorm2 version)
                  is there a serial number or registration code in the box or something?


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                    There is a serial number on the card. (sticker) It is also on the registration card for the Storm card that came in the box
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                      Okay, I checked the DVStorm 2 Installation Disk, but I think it's got the old 9/10/2002 drivers. Does anybody know if Canopus has released more recent Win XP drivers before the DVStorm2 got discontinued?


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                        Any chance the Win XP drivers work under Win 2003 Server R2?
                        I'm really not happy about the 2Gb RAM limit in XP (already got 4Gb installed)


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                          There are ways to have Windows acknowledge greater amounts of RAM via the boot.ini file - I don't have the instructions on me, so you'll have to trawl the internet (or perhaps even this forum).

                          The driver pack (Canopus DV Driver) is updated fairly regularly with every major EDIUS release, so you can always pull from the EDIUS distribution. On it's own, the DVStorm drivers up in the downloads area is dated around 05/12/2006. I say "around" simply because I'm not sure of the actual build date of the DVStorm driver itself. You can get this from the readme file included in the package.


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                            Hi there.. I read your posts about Win 2003, Xp and Vista. I am not sure but think that al those are 32-bit editions (wasn't mentioned 64-bit). I read somewhere that DVStorm2 has drivers for 32-bit but in 64-bit based systems runs only as an OCHI Card (useless).Is it true?
                            I mean that if I change my OS to Win Xp 64-bit (which I think it uses full ammount of RAM) my DVStorm2 card won't work?


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                              I don't have the instructions on me
                              eventually you mean this ??? ......(and the included links on the following pages)

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