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Dissolve is throwing audio out of sync

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  • Dissolve is throwing audio out of sync

    I shot a two camera wedding. I used an HDV camera and a ADVCHD camera. I multi camed the two choosing the best shots from either camera. In order to avoid the audio change in volume I copied the HDV's track to an audio track..a trick somebody has suggested on the forum. Then I made one track of the multicam tracks using the "compress to single track" function in Edius 5.51. So I have the compressed on one VA track the copied audio on a 1A audio track.

    Now if it put a dissolve between a cut in the compressed video track, it throws the audio (I so painfully syncd)....out of sync. How can I solve this problem?

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    It sounds like you don't have extend clips checked.
    Go to Settings>Application Settings> Timeline and make sure the first box is checked (Extend clips when applying transition/cross fade)


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      Bingo! That's what it was. Thanks once again for your help pjsssss


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        You are most welcome.