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Setting Audio Levels across Multiple Segments - Edius 4.5

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  • Setting Audio Levels across Multiple Segments - Edius 4.5

    Hello Everyone,

    I've been battling with a video I made with a lot of sound variances. I wanted to know is there a way to go into audio settings and type in the desired level, as opposed to using the dots/rubberband to move the levels up and down. For instance if I wanted to set one or more segments to -4.4db. Currently, I've been going into each segment and moving the dot on the left and right to the desired level, but I would love to be able to type in the desired level across a number of segments. Thanks.

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    You can try using the Panpot Balance Filter and then type in the value for each channel there. You can then apply it to multiple clips at once. You can also open the audio mixer and adjust it via slider there. You can see numerical values there but you cannot input them.
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