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Is Canopus Lossless TOTALLY lossless?

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  • Is Canopus Lossless TOTALLY lossless?

    Is Canopus lossless TOTALLY lossless, meaning, can I save a file as many times as I want without absolutely any loss of quality? Thanks.

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    Yes. It is a mathematically-lossless compression, so what you get out is exactly what you put in*, just like how you can Zip a file, unzip it, then re-zip it and repeat as many times as you want, and the (unzipped) file is still the same.

    * Remember that in the video world color sampling in another dimension in compression. Meaning, if, say you're editing in 4:2:2 colorspace, but your output format only supports 4:2:0, the final output has to go from 4:2:2 to 4:2:0 sampling first, so what "goes in" will be 4:2:0, regardless of whether the compression is lossy or lossless. Canopus Lossless supports 4:2:2 color sampling. But if you took a 4:4:4 input, it would go down to 4:2:2, then get losslessly compressed, and the decompressed data would be the 4:2:2 data that was input to it.


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      Thanks, and also for the additional important information.


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        sorry to resurrect this old thread but i was wondering if the canopus lossless codec:
        • supports 10-bit
        • supports alpha channel

        on a separate note, is edius 6 itself 4:4:4 or just 4:2:2?