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    Thank you very much....
    Unfortunately i have many clips with canopus avi and now i'll convert them in MSDV with EDIUS.... Thank you


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      Hi Dorian,

      We've had the same problem, with a Mac client wanting DVCPRO HD Quicktime files. This was because they have to "render" (in Final Cut) the file and they lose quality on the recompression.

      What we did, is supplied them a P2 CONTENTS folder of DVCPRO HD content. This way, the Mac ingests the P2 folder and pulls the data into a Quicktime HD file on it's end. No quality loss... and an easy way for them to get it back as DVCPRO HD. You are still delievering DVCPRO HD, just in P2 format.

      It was my suggestion to my client that they could do that and not lose quality. But if they are using AE or something, then I guess P2 is going to be a bit annoying for them.

      It's another option anyway... and certainly one that worked perfectly in our DVCPRO HD Mac vs. PC situation. (and can only be done in Edius Broadcast)

      Hope this maybe of help,

      AMD Ryzen 9 3900X / 32GB / RTX2070 / 4TB SSD / Storm --- Edius user since version 1.5 and StormEdit before that!


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        Another option for FCP users is to use Raylight for Mac from DVFilm. It allows FCP to work with the MXF files natively without having to rewrap everything in a QuickTime container -- much quicker, saves disk space, and keeps all metadata intact.