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Thank You Canopus Edius Broadcast 4.5

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  • Thank You Canopus Edius Broadcast 4.5


    Now when version 4.5 of Edius Broadcast has been released the MXF XDCAM HD
    workflow reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly works and Edius Broadcast 4.5 can batch export
    from MXF files to Canopus HQ AVI flies directly form bin
    what previously crashed the application and the MXF workflow
    was virtualy impossibile.

    Previously when you wanted to batch convert for example
    in version 4.24 from MXF to Canopus AVI files the application
    immediately crashed.

    Thank you once again. Now the MXF workflow is realy
    the reality on the Edius software.

    But this is stil not valid for Procoder 3 software because
    it stil can not open the MXF XDCAM HD files and here no
    progress was made in several months although the
    Rhozet Carbon Coder the big brother of the Procoder 3
    software can open such files what is also written
    in the release pdf file on their web pages
    but unfortunately when I wrote
    several mails to them for testitng their application
    ( so that I can get the evluation application)
    I did not received any response mail.

    It looks that Procoder 3 could get the MXF support
    in one day time as it is supported in the Rhozet Carbon Coder
    what is also written in the release pdf file on their web pages
    but unfortunately it looks that the Procoder 3 is not
    serious application because after several moths of beging
    for the support there is stil no upgrade patch released
    for Procoder 3 application although this could be done
    in 24 hours without any hasle because such modules are
    allready developed.
    And even when you want to test or buy the Rhozet Carbon Coder
    there is no response from their company.

    But I am now very lucky that I have found out
    after no support at all from Procoder or Carbon Coder team
    that even the 79 USD software like Pegasys Tmpeg Express
    which licensed the Main Concept codecs can do much much
    more different conversion and it can open any
    Matrox avi file and is much superior application whith great support
    including batch processing.
    So now I am realy very said that I have bought the Procoder 3 application
    in the past because I could invest in several TMPEG Express

    And it realy looks that Procoder team is realy something else
    as the serious team because it looks that they
    do not make any support even when they could implement new conversions
    with the allready developed modules in just 24 hours although there are statements
    that Procoder 3 application can open any direct show file on their web pages.

    It looks that the very responsive team is only the Edius developing team
    which realy make huuuuuuge progress.

    I hope that this shall change soon because even the lowcost
    application like Pegasys TMPEG Express can do quite more
    conversions for much leeeeeess money and it can also
    convert the Matrox MXF virtual AVI files when the
    Procoder 3 crashes when it wants to open such files.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you
    in advance.

    Yours faithfuly,


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    Read this ... it will solve your problem ;-)
    Edius X - Edius 9.52 Pro - Win 10 64 - AMD-Ryzen 9 3900X - 32 Gb DDR4 - ASUS-PRIME X570-PRO - Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER - SSD M.2 1000 Gb system + 3 x 3 Tb storage - 2 x 23" Full HD Monitors - M-Audio Studiophile AV40


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      I'm sorry that you feel that way and that they have not been in contact with you, but you cannot expect a company to give away features from their high end package for free to lower-priced packages.

      Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


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        I agree with you 100%. Edius Broadcast 4.5 is now
        everything what you need to edit and batch convert
        XDCAM HD MXF files into avi files.
        There is no need that someone buys additional
        "low cost" Procoder 3 application.

        Although it would be nice for every Matrox Axio HD
        editor to have addtional Procoder 3 software for special
        batch conversions because the Adobe abandoned
        the batch conversion module in the Adobe Premiere PRO 2
        the new Edius Broadcast 4.5 can do all that and a lot more
        especialy with the MXF XDCAM HD files.
        And the new Edius 4.5 broadcast application is realy wonderful.

        And as you have said that you can not give away features from
        your high end packages for free to lower-priced packages
        so that the Procoder 3 shall not support
        MXF files athough they use the direct show filter
        and they can be playable via ordinary Windows Media Player
        when you install the Sony basic XDCAM HD software.

        On the Procoder 3 web pages it is written that it
        supports any direct show file. And this is for now not true.

        It would be better that it could be written that it supports
        some of the directs show files or from the marketing point
        most of the direct show files and not any
        direct show file.

        And I hope that MXF files shall be supported now and in future
        only by the Rhozet Carbon Coder "high end" application for
        which I stil did not received any answer from the Rhozet
        team where can I get the demo version and where can I buy it
        after "successful" testing althouh I have written e-mails to them.
        It would not be vise that "low cost" Procoder 3 application
        shall support MXF XDCAM HD files.

        This is important especialy now when Sony is launching
        the XDCAM EX series of the low cost camcorders which
        uses the ExpressCard technology and records
        XDCAM HD MXF files and shall most probably become
        the most selling low cost camcorders in the future.
        I have allready ordered two of them which shall be delivered
        to me at the end of September.

        And a lot of users who shall want to buy Procoder 3
        for transcoding MXF files in to the anykind of AVI files
        for better integration with their common applications
        shall not be able to do this because the "low cost" Procoder 3
        shall not support the MXF XDCAM HD files.

        Or it "even" might in October time.
        Maybe in the release 3.5
        when you might decide that MXF modules which are
        now allready developed and are the part of the
        Rhozet Carbon Coder are video mainstream reality
        and that it is time that the Procoder 3 become
        the "high end" application.

        What about the Rhozet Carbon Coder users then.

        Why we must wait for maybe version 3.5 and October
        time that the Procoder 3 become the "high end" application?

        Why you do not want to sell additional 30.000 and up
        Procoder 3 copies of the software and then additional
        30.000 and up for the Procoder 3.5 upgrades?

        Although I allready own several pieces
        of the XDCAM HD gear more than one year now
        and I am very frustrated that Procoder 3 stil does not
        support all direct show files what it is also
        written on your web pages, I am at least now very happy
        with Edius Broadcast 4.5 which I shall recommend on the
        Matrox AXIO forum as the only solution which improves
        the Matrox EZ MXF workflow dramticly which has
        on Matrox side its isuess but this is another Matrox story.

        And I hope that Canopus Grass Valley shall sell in two
        months time at least 10.000 Edius Broadcast 4.5 copies
        to the Matrox Axio XDCAM HD editors who shall benefit from
        my post and EDIUS MXF XDCAM HD workflow especialy
        when Matrox AXIO HD can playback several streams of
        Canopus HQ AVI HD files without rendering on the
        Adobe Premiere timeline in real time.

        But for now I can not recommend the Procoder 3 "low cost"

        Although I am not the Grass Valley sales person it does not
        mean that I shoud not alow Grass Valley to sell 10.000
        copies of the Edius 4.5 Broadcast software although
        I could not spread the wonderful workflow post
        on the Matrox Axio forum from which a lot of video editors
        shall benefit and it shall benefit especialy your company.

        Best regards,

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          Wow. Long post Gorazd.

          Please remember that there are some complicated business issues with Rhozet, "old" Canopus, and GV. It is further complicated by the fact that Harmonics now appears to be in the process of buying Rhozet.

          How this will translate to Procoder and Procoder exptress, I do not know.

          But Canopus and now GV, has a very good track record (IMHO the best in the business) in being the first to have wide spread support for the different camera formats as they come out. They also tend to release upgrades or modules timed with the release of the new cameras.


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            Hi Gorazd,

            ProCoder is unfortunately complicated, because while the product is a GV product, the engineering is done outside.

            If I knew what the plan for ProCoder was, I'd share it. Unfortunately I do not know what the future plan is at this stage.

            As for supporting "any DirectShow AVI" you will find on the new literature that "any' is now removed... We in Marketing do our best to convey accurate features, but this one changed on us as a surprise.