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  • E4 and frame rate

    I have spoken to a person who uses Vegas and showed me a sample clip of his work and some of the clips were adjusted to 15 frames within the Vegas timeline, is there a way of 15 fps within Edius if so where abouts is the adjustment?
    Can someone out there give me a clue please.

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    Edius has two ways to control the speed of a clip.

    One is Time Remapping which keeps the overall duration of the clip the same, but speeds up and slows down portions of it.

    The other is clip speed. A speed less than 100% is slowed down from realtime, anything above 100% is sped up. Negative speeds make the video play backwards, -100% plays the clip backwards at its normal speed. Audio is kept but will distort, the pitch shift filter may be able to bring the pitch back to normal if the speed adjustment isn't too great.

    Both the Time Remapping and Speed dialogs can be accessed by right-clicking on a clip in your sequence, or using their shortcuts.


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      I'm pretty sure Edius was never intended to do as you ask. If a low frame rate look is really what you're after, play with the Strobe Filter. You may get the look you want without the Vegas render.

      If you want true 15fps you'll probably need to use another app like AE, Flash or Quicktime Pro.

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        E4 frame rate

        Thanks Rusty

        It sure looked good in Vegas, and the strobe doesn't give you the same effect.

        I was very impressed, of course the other is to take the clip to vegas do the frame rate adj and re-import to finish off in E4


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          I know the exact effect that you are looking for and Edius does not do it exactly the same. The strobe effect is the closest you will get. That is probablythe effect that I missed the most when moving from Premiere to Edius way back.