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Using 24pn on HVX with Edius

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  • Using 24pn on HVX with Edius

    I will be shooting a music video soon with a Panasonic P2/HVX 200 camera using the 720p/24native fps format setting on the camera. I want to find out the best setting when creating a new project in Edius to edit this in. I noticed that you cannot change the project settings from HD 720 24p to NTSC SD at over 60i (or 29.97fps) in edius . I want to end up with a HD 720 version (shot in 24p) and also output a 480i SD version at 29.97fps. The only way I know would be to export to file the final finished project and then open a new project at NTSC 29.97fps setting. Am I right?

    Thanks for any help.
    NLE: PC, Gigabyte Motherboard with E6850 Core 2 Duo CPU @ 3.0ghz. 4Gb Ram. GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTS250
    DRIVES: 4TB raid 0 array connected to AMCC 3ware SATA controller with 518mb memory. Other Drives: Seagate & WD 7200rpm 1TB each
    SOFTWARE: Edius 5.5, Adobe Encore CS4, Photoshop and After Effects CS4.

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    Just work with a project whose settings match your assets (or most of them anyway, since people often mix framerates with the HVX). When you want to output a 29.97 version, do so using Procoder Express for Edius (or the full Procoder if you have it). This will do the downscaling and inverse pulldown that's required.