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    Hello - my department is considering switching over to Edius and I am wondering what kind of Render Farm / Network Rendering solutions you guys use with your Edius systems. I am working in an environment where exporting multiple files simultaneously and being able to continue editing is a must.

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    Hi Sampson,

    I think you have two options here. One is using GV's own Edius render server sollution, which is exactly what you are looking for (instant 'export'/job sending to a rendering server, and you can continue the editing on the Edius station) This is very good, but a bit expensive I think.

    The second option is much-much cheaper, but a little bit slower. You export your editing as CanopusHQ to a transcoding server's watchfolder( shared network drive on a computer with Procoder or any good transcoding software that can handle watchfolders and multiple job queues). Exporting to CanopusHQ can be very fast if your cpu, network and drives are in a good health, and the final format is transcoded automatically in the server.

    A third option can be exporting all your editings in batch overnight. You edit everithing daytime, and your computer has 16 hours to export :)
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      GV has a ready made solution for this with their XRE server but as mentioned it is a bit expensive.


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        Note that EDIUS is licensed per-user, meaning that unless you have two licenses, you're not supposed to be running more than one simultaneous instance.


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          Check the Software License Agreement on the Procoder 3 envelope:

          1.GRANT OF LICENSE.
          As long as You comply with the terms of this EULA, Canopus grants You a non-exclusive license to use the SOFTWARE as follows.
          (a) You may install the SOFTWARE on up to two computers that You own.
          (b) You may use the SOFTWARE on a single computer at a time.
          Even when You have installed the SOFTWARE on two computers pursuant to the foregoing 1-a, You may not use the SOFTWARE on both computers at the same time.
          (c) Not with standing the above, The SOFTWARE provided along with Canopus' hardware product can be operated only on a computer with the hardware product installed.
          (d) You may also make a copy of the SOFTWARE in machine-readable form solely for backup and archival purposes.


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            I get the argument. I dont know if it will fly but I get it. Two logins on one Computer is still one Computer.
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              Thank you all for your help. The XRE is definitely the solution for us, should we choose Edius.

              Some follow up - will XRE also work with Procoder 3?
              Will it do the .flv format?
              What about .mp4 or h.264?
              The XRE website doesn't list these formats, perhaps someone who is using XRE can confirm.

              Thanks again. We have been exclusively running Vegas for 4 years, so while I know the trade and the lingo, Edius is completely foreign to me.


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                You may use the SOFTWARE on a single computer at a time.
                So unless there's more than one of you... Two different users are two different users, and one of them would necessarily have to be different from you.

                Actually, you may find the dongle itself may prevent multiple simultaneous instances.

                For EDIUS, the larger matter is its use of hardware. I've never actually tried it, but I can't imagine it would perform well.


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                  Originally posted by Sampson View Post

                  Some follow up - will XRE also work with Procoder 3?

                  I don't think that you can use a Procoder export plugin through an XRE server, but you can always set up a Procoder watchfolder, watching a dedicated XRE otput folder
                  Dell T1650, 8GB ram, SSD, Win 7, Edius 6.08+HDSpark, Vistitle